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Thor: The Dark World Exhibition in China

Thor: The Dark World Exhibition in China

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If you ever see a bad picture of yourself just think about sunsets

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a sunset with a crappy camera? It turns out like shit. I mean that could be the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen in your life and the photo looks gross.

That doesn’t mean the sunset isn’t breathtaking, it just means the camera can’t contain its beauty.

You are a gorgeous motherfucking sunset never forget that


Martin Freeman |  Brie’s blog-o-rama interview. 


Other gifsets of Martin and his dressing gown:





Aidan Turner and Evangeline Lilly at the Hobbit Premiere in Berlin.

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inbox me 1 thing you wanna know about me. 

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ARMOR PORN: Heads Up Display

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Stand Like This for 2 Minutes Per Day

No, for real, though—this is a thing.  Not sure about the science behind it, but it makes me feel fancy and powerful regardless.  I highly recommend it.


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"I’m so sorry, I’m late."

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